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Freedom of Speech and Press

Pauper v. Probate: Freedom of Speech and Press

by: Danny Tate on November 22, 2011
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The Press is often referred to as the 4th Branch of Government, for in our Democracy veering errant towards tyranny, let us hope we can count on our Press to insure that all other branches of government are kept in check by informing “We, the people…” of our public servants potentially wayward course, so that we can determine if Democracy’s ship is listing, and the voice of “we, the people…”, in whom “all power is inherent”, can and should be heard to insure the listing-ship is corrected.

Today, unfortunately, our Press seems to favor either the right or the left, and in this exceptional time in American history, when the chasm between the right and left is so disparate, it should be perceived that the majority voice is not being represented, by the Press or our Legislators.

I am of the opinion that our Legislators either revel in this distracting tactic of right/left bickering in order to keep the masses distracted, or they are blinded themselves to the wishes of the majority while allowing their conscience to be distracted by the infighting.  It has become rule, and majority myth.

One must wonder if the mainstream Press is effectively serving as the 4th Branch of Government, for in their attempts to be “fair and balanced”, they miss the representing “truth and justice” or “right from wrong” or, most importantly, “democracy from tyranny”.

Blogging has been recognized by legal minds as the most effective tool in American history for an individual to act as the 4th Branch of Government, instead of waiting and hoping the mainstream press will pick up on their story, thus their voice heard.

It’s unfortunate that our society has deemed the “soap box” reveller as a madman, for there was as day when this was an accepted form of commentary or campaigning.  I, for one, am considering a return to the soapbox reveller, for “madmen” have always been the individuals that effected history and their message of import remembered.  Those that are constrained by appearance, popularity and polls, may be remembered for a while, after their bodies are laid to rest, but their words, along with the lives they lived, will soon be forgotten.

That said, not everyman is called to climb on a soapbox and proclaim his opinion, in fact, most.  I envy that man called to a more simple life. Fortunately or unfortunately, I am not one, for my conscience has always required of me to speak what I believe to be the truth and point out injustice and stand up for those who have no voice, those who are bullied.  More often than not, it is not a compulsion I would choose, but such is my lot.

Consider this, look towards the end of your days for just a few moments, and imagine yourself lying in your bed with the lights off, and no one but your conscience for company, and in looking back over your life and contribution to your world, ask yourself this one question: “Would I trade it all for one moment of courage, where I stood alone against the raging winds of persecution, and spoke my conscience without compromise, come praise or come ruin?”

How about you?  What does your conscience demand of you?  To merely prosper and leave an inheritance for your children, to make more and more money to hoard away, and live only the festive life, oblivious to the sufferings easily observed all around?

A “money” person I have never been, but having gone through a period where the pursuit of prosperity was a merited challenge, for not having been born to affluence, I did revel in the fact I achieved.

Then, I was abruptly awakened to what a target money makes a person, tyrannically seized in an utter illegal and un-Constitutional action brought on by public servants, officers of the court and family, enslaved to the power of the dollar.

“For the love of money is the root of all evil”

I care no longer about the money lost to thieves; it’s a fight for redemption and a reckoning, with god or the devil as my witness, and for the father of my children, along with those whose voices have been silenced.

Fortunately, my “pauper” status is not my first rodeo with hunger.  I’m of the creative lot, and most of us have languished in obscurity, unrequited dreams, and a staid hungry.  But we are survivors and have learned to take care of ourselves, under extended adverse circumstances, while maintaining that pure place in our souls that cannot, and must not, be compromised, otherwise, that art will fade with the sunset.

On the one hand, I believe in a person’s right to pursue the American dream of prosperity, even be it of unbounded economic pursuit, but, on the other hand, how much prosperity does one need before they are satisfied?  In the end, it’s a gluttony never satisfied.

In Pauper v. Probate, I intend to prove that one man, with nothing left to lose, can bring an entire state, yeah, an entire nation to accountability, in where Democracy has strayed from its course, the voice of the majority is muted, and prove that money is not Power, but that truth, justice and freedom for all, can be restored…

I do not hesitate my voice to call upon those who defend individual liberties to effectually withdraw their support, both in person and property, from the government of Tennessee, and not wait until they constitute a majority of one, before they suffer the right to prevail through them, for I believe if righteousness is truly on our side, then no power on earth could prevail against us.  In this stand alone, the victory is already won…

Keep the faith….

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