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Public Corruption 101

Psychology of Public Corruption

Why do public officials become corrupt? In The Atlanta Post article titled How Kwame Kilpatrick’s Downfall Displays the Psychology of Corruption, pastoral counselor Dr. Angela Chester succinctly explains it this way:

“As we look at the politicians of our time, many, not all, show signs of  grandiosity and narcissism.  They believe  that they are larger than life. They are no longer an elected official,  but a king of the land in which they rule. The power and authority they seek to gain does not fill the void that they have been trying to fill.  Yet, they continue to become more and more obsessed with status,  manipulating those around them for their own selfish gain.”

This feeling of invincibility is really the only explanation for how those in power justify irrational behavior. The swift rise and the tragic fall of the Kilpatricks and Madoffs will play out over and over again as greed continues to blind and compromise the moral values of some power seekers.  “Isn’t this how one carries himself when in such position? Robert Schuller is quoted as saying ‘What would you attempt if you knew you could not fail? The politician answers, everything!’”
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